Hangover BBQ Wins ‘Show of Hands’

Photo by Joselyn King Billy Litman, left, and Stephanie Litman, owners of Hangover BBQ, show off the check for $4,866 they received as winners of the “Show of Hands” competition Wednesday night, sponsored by Wheeling Heritage.

Hangover BBQ soon will have the capacity to make and store more food each day and not sell out so quickly.

The popular roadside barbeque stand, located off U.S. 88 in Greggsville, took home the win and a check for $4,866 Wednesday night as winners of the “Show of Hands” business presentation competition. The event is sponsored by Wheeling Heritage.

Hangover BBQ has been open nine months and specializes in southern barbecue meats and side dishes. It is owned by husband and wife Billy and Stephanie Litman, and Billy’s brother Noah Litman.

The owners want to add a walk-in cooler, warm storage and possibly some outdoor seating for their venue.

“We said before, we want to expand the business, and this money is going right back into the business,” Billy Litman said. “We hope to be around for many years to come.”

Billy Litman, the pitmaster, said he starts work at about 2 a.m. on the days Hangover BBQ is open. Their typical hours of operation are 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.Thursday through Saturday, and 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday.

Often they close earlier after the food sells out.

Also giving presentations at the event were the following business owners and entrepreneurs:

∫ Sarah and Vincent O’Leary, owners of the Honeycomb Salon at 101 Washington Ave., want to make the salon more environmentally friendly. Sarah O’Leary is a hair stylist, and Vincent O’Leary, is an environmental scientist.

They wanted to win money to enable the salon to join the Green Circle Salon program and repurpose the waste created by the salon. They also had wanted to replace faucets and their washer and dryer with more energy efficient alternatives.

∫ Zeke O’Connell, owner of the Real Gym, which he opened in 2016 , described his business a “hardcore” gym with free-weights and loud music. The gym, located in Fulton, currently has about 80 members. O’Connell wants to expand his gym, with the goal of providing group training to youth and high school athletes “at an affordable rate.” Purchasing more gym equipment is necessary.

∫ Realtor Lisa Neilson will soon be opening Your Place or Mine Resale and Consignment Store, a higher-end home furnishing and decor consignment store to be located on Edgington Lane. She is presently taking items in anticipation of the move, and storing them in her garage. She had hoped to win the competition to help offset start-up costs for her business.

The public is invited to attend Show of Hand events and pay $5 to vote for the project they feel is the most worthwhile. The winning presenter wins all of the funds raised at the door, as well as money provided by the event’s sponsors. Orrick, the program’s corporate sponsor, donates $1,000 to each event.


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