Trio ‘Triple Dog Dared’ To Take Urban Challenge

WHEELING — Three women committed to a casual bet by banding together with their friends and family for support and jumping headfirst into the Tough as Nails Urban Challenge.

“We got triple dog dared by the nieces!” Vickie Jones said. “The daughter said, ‘My 61-year-old mother couldn’t do this.”

“My response was: ‘It’s on!” Annie Isaly, Jones’ sister, said.

They were joined by best friend Michele Pleskonko.

Their shirts declare their team name to be AARP Girls — which Jones maintains was a joke, but which the others embraced — with the reverse reading #whatwerewethinking. Despite the off-the-cuff bet, the group consists of seasoned runners.

“They do it a lot. I’ve run a couple 5Ks, but it’s been a long time,” Isaly said. “I did start running after I made the bet, and I’ve been doing running, so I’m up to 3.3 miles!”

“I’m going to show my nieces up,” Jones added.

Joking among themselves, the athletes said that, in a worst case scenario, between themselves and their support team they had a nurse and a physical therapist in case they needed one.

“We’re good to go!” Isaly said.


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