Marshall County Health Departments Responds to Roach Complaints at Golden Towers in Moundsville

A reported roach problem at Golden Towers in Moundsville is being taken care of following an investigation by the Marshall County Health Department.

Wheeling-Ohio County Health Department Administrator Howard Gamble, who also serves as interim administrator for Marshall County, said the health department was notified of roaches at the apartment complex in Moundsville on June 4, which resulted in a visit. Gamble said the Moundsville Housing Authority has been forthcoming in cleanup efforts.

“They have either on-site staff, or an arrangement with a professional exterminator to provide extermination services — that’s the extent of our requirements,” Gamble said. “Any kind of housing, whether it be roaches, bedbugs or mice, they’re not uncommon. But what they have in place is a treatment plan, we’ve asked staff to do an investigation. … When it comes to housing, we usually go in looking at what’s being done to regularly control posts. They do have a pest management program.”

Gamble said the health department recommended the housing authority pursue professional extermination services, which they agreed to, and that if appropriate, a follow-up meeting would occur at a later date.

Shelly Glatzer, executive director of the Moundsville Housing Authority, said though they brought in outside extermination services, she did not think there was any sign of a roach problem.

“I don’t know that we ever had (a problem), but we did bring someone in, though they didn’t find anything,” she said. “We treat the building regularly.

“Things are good — any time you’re in a building like this, you’ll see an occasional (vermin), but we’re not treating any apartments.”


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