Blame My Roots Festival Musical Lineup Packs a Punch

Although Jamboree In The Hills is no more, the hills will once again come alive with the sound of music this weekend.

The Blame My Roots Festival begins Thursday and the three-day event will feature nearly 30 performers on three stages. DJ Daner will provide the after hours entertainment in the “Honky-Tonk Tent.”

Chris Dutton, BMRF event coordinator, said the third stage is referred to as the Busker stage and will showcase all local country music talent. The other two stages will feature Nashville country music stars including Trace Adkins, Joe Diffie, Whey Jennings and many more.

“My idea is that by the time you get out of the car, you hear music the entire time and I think we’ve accomplished that,” Dutton said.

The festival has been in the works since December, Dutton said.

“Luckily we’ve been in a lot of businesses here locally for a long time, and we’re able to pull from a lot of resources. Obviously as a campground, we have a nice network there. That’s the only way we could have done this, knowing we had a campground,” he said.

Dutton shared the inspiration behind the name of the festival, referencing a Garth Brooks song while going for a hometown feel.

“We’re Jamboree fans, we all are. I’ve always been a fan of the name. I love music festivals. Very rarely do you come across a name as cool as Jamboree In The Hills. It just stands on its own. So when I was trying to come up with a name, I had this long list.

“It’s our roots, it’s everyone’s roots here. It’s tied to the industry, the hardworking industry of the area. The cultural roots of this area. The music industry that comes from this area, with Brad Paisley and with Joe Zelek. All the music that has come out of here. … I decided to look at lyrics from country songs. So obviously a Garth Brooks song came on when my wife and I were out at a bar and I thought ‘I got it!’ It stands on its own. It’s tongue and cheek, it’s good and bad and its an homage,” he said.

The organizers are expecting the maximum capacity of attendees at the festival, 6,500.

“We’re prepared, it’s going to be fun,” he said.

Attendees may bring their own coolers and beer. Hard liquor is not permitted. Cases and cans of beer will also be sold on site.

The festival begins Thursday and runs through Saturday at the Valleyview Campgrounds, 43263 National Road in Belmont.


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