Harrison County Receives $361,000 Grant

Harrison County Common Pleas Court Judge T. Shawn Hervey announced that the Harrison County Community-Based Corrections Programs will receive funding for the next two years.

Hervey informed the Harrison County Board of Commissioners at Wednesday’s regularly scheduled meeting that the county recently received a total of $361,000 in grant funding for the program. The Community Corrections Program’s goal is to offer qualified offenders alternatives to prison. Some of the programs offered include Thinking for a Change, Anger Management, Victim Awareness, Pro Social Life Skills, Parenting Class, Community Service Program and others.

Two of the three grants already have been approved by the state, Hervey said. The first is a Standard Supervision grant in the amount of $204,416. The second, a Pre-Sentence Investigation grant, is for an additional $7,000.

Hervey explained that a pre-sentence investigation is a report made before an offender is sentenced to prison using the Ohio Risk Assessment System. The goal is to help judges determine proper sentencing.

News of a biannual TCAP grant in the amount of $150,000 is anticipated within the next few months, Hervey said.

“I would like to thank Chief John Jackson and our new fiscal officer, Andrew Foreman, for working on this and keeping us well-funded and making sure that we do all we can to stop people from committing crimes here in Harrison County,” he said.

Commissioner Dale Norris thanked the men for all they do.

Hervey then asked the commissioners to enter into “a brief executive session for potential litigation.”

Commissioner Paul Coffland made a motion to enter executive session on the grounds of a pending or imminent court action. The other commissioners voted to do so, and the session was brief, lasting only a few minutes. It concluded with no action taken on the matter.

In other Harrison County news, Department of Job and Family Services Assistant Director Deb Knight announced a Children Services levy renewal will be placed on the Nov. 5 ballot. A resolution declaring the necessity to levy a tax in excess of the 10-mill limitation was read.

If approved, the renewal levy will benefit the Harrison County Department of Job and Family Services Children Services Unit for the purpose of support in the care of and placement of children.

“This levy, I believe, has been in existence since 1984. It’s a renewal. We do use it for placement costs,” Knight said.

Commissioner Don Bethel called the measure a “critical levy.” If passed, the levy will first be due in 2020.


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