Wheeling Man Arrested for Making Gun Threat at DMV

Richard Huff

Numerous bystanders confirmed with each other that they heard a customer make a threat at the Moundsville DMV Monday afternoon, leading to the man’s arrest.

Around 12:30 p.m., a DMV employee called 911, advising that a customer had left “unhappy,” saying that he would be back with a gun. After an unsatisfactory encounter with the employee, Richard Huff, 55 of 3613 Huff Street, Wheeling, was said to have slammed paperwork on the counter, declaring that since he could not get the service he needed, he “would just drive (illegally).”

As he turned away, the employee said she heard him say that Huff was going home to get his gun. After this, the employee said three customers came forward to ask if she’d heard his comment.

When the employee called the threat in, Huff had returned and was waiting in line again. Police met him at the DMV and questioned in the parking lot, where he denied making the claims, and was not found to have a gun on him.

Huff was charged with making terroristic threats, a felony, and is held at the Northern Regional Jail in lieu of $10,000 bond.


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