Cross-Country Bike Ride For Cancer Research

Flynn Donoho from Huntington Beach, California, and his dog Diva have been on a cross-country bicycle crusade to bring awareness to cancer research.

Donoho, 60, stopped in Wheeling on Wednesday as he made his way toward New England. The retired furniture mover said cancer has affected several of his relatives and friends, prompting him to set out on his journey. He asks people to donate to the cause under the crowdrise.com link on the American Cancer Society’s website.

Donoho said he never seeks donations for himself and relies on the kindness of strangers as he makes his way across the country, sleeping in a tent or staying with friends. A confirmed Christian, Donoho said, “The Lord above is my sponsor.” Since starting his trip, Donoho has been struck twice by vehicles and bitten by a rattlesnake and fire ants.


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