Murder Charge Filed in Steubenville Death

A murder charge has been filed in municipal court against the man suspected in the killing of Brittany Littlejohn, 32, who was found outside her house at 417 Maxwell Ave. early Monday.

Jason C. Twiley, 27, of Steubenville is wanted on the murder charge.

Steubenville Police had responded to reports of breaking glass at the Maxwell Avenue house. Officers found a fire burning in the living room but were able to kick open the rear door to the house and rescue a small dog from the kitchen. Police reported heavy smoke prevented the officers from going through the rest of the residence.

Officers were checking the area and discovered Littlejohn’s body not far from the fire scene.

Police Chief Bill McCafferty said evidence discovered at the scene led detectives to believe Littlejohn had been murdered.

The Jefferson County coroner’s office on Wednesday reported the autopsy on Littlejohn has not been completed in Cuyahoga County.

McCafferty said Twiley came to Steubenville in March. He said Twiley is originally from Iowa.

Twiley was charged by Steubenville Police on April 11 with falsification.

He pleaded no contest to the charge and was sentenced to one day in jail and 42 hours of community service.

Twiley was scheduled to appear Thursday in municipal court for a review hearing.

McCafferty said police are actively looking for Twiley. There were several reports of him being seen in the area on Tuesday, but none of the alleged sightings panned out when officers checked, the chief said.

Anyone with information to Twiley’s whereabouts is asked to contact their local police agency.


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