NRJ Inmate Accused of Sexual Assault Waives Preliminary Hearing

Kelsi Reynolds appears in magistrate court to waive her preliminary hearing Monday.

An inmate at the Northern Regional Jail waived her preliminary hearing on a string of felonies for allegedly assaulting another inmate while in custody.

Kelsi Starr Dawn Reynolds, 25, of Moundsville, faces charges of second degree sexual assault, abduction and conspiracy after allegedly taking part in a group effort to pin down and assault another inmate. On Aug. 2, Reynolds, as well as two other inmates, allegedly held a woman down in a cell, apparently on the belief that the woman was hiding drugs on her person. Reynolds allegedly searched the woman’s body for contraband, while another inmate held her down and a third kept watch.

West Virginia State Police said Reynolds admitted to having the victim strip down before assaulting her, and that she wasn’t going to allow the woman to leave the cell without being searched. Bethany Wise, the woman who allegedly held the victim down, said Reynolds told her she had committed the assault “for no reason” afterward. Samantha Simmons, the alleged lookout, was also charged.

Reynolds appeared in court Monday afternoon, but waived her preliminary hearing after a short discussion with her attorney, David White. She remains jailed on a drug charge from 2017. Simmons and Wise were both also charged in connection with the alleged assault.


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