Traffic Commission to Send Out Meeting Notices

Wheeling Traffic Commission Chairman Alan Duvall, second from right, speaks to other commissioners at the body’s meeting Tuesday. Also pictured are commissioners Jeffrey Knierim, left, Patrick Duffy, second from left, and Ron King.

The city’s Traffic Commission adopted a new policy on Thursday to improve communication to neighbors of residents making requests at the body’s meetings.

The commission will now send out notices 10 days in advance of its meetings to anybody who lives within 200 feet of a property being considered for a request. Commissioners voted unanimously to approve a motion to adopt the policy.

The idea was recommended by City Clerk Brenda Delbert following recent circumstances where neighbors were upset with the commission approving a handicap spot near their property.

“This is the right way to go,” Chairman Alan Duvall said. “This makes me feel a lot better.”

Delbert said the procedure would be consistent with how Wheeling’s Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals already operate. Previously, the traffic commission would hand deliver meeting agendas to neighbors the day before a meeting.

“It encourages people to come to the meetings before something is passed by council,” Delbert said.

Matters approved by the commission are then forwarded to City Council in a process that can take 6 to 8 weeks before a change is made, commissioners said.

The 10-day notices will explain why the meeting is occurring and state that neighbors who wish to speak for or against a proposed change can attend the meeting or contact Delbert, she said.

In other matters, commissioners approved several requests for handicapped parking spaces and no-parking zones. The body first approved handicap spaces to be placed in front of a home at 300 S. Front St. and a home at 645 Market St.

Commissioners then approved a no parking zone on a section of Alum Street, where a resident was unable to turn into his garage due to cars parked on the street. The body also approved a handicapped parking space near his property on Warden Run Road.


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