Tuberculosis Association Benefits Ohio County Schools

Photo Provided The Tuberculosis Association of Ohio County has again contributed to the students of Ohio County Schools by providing educational material for the school system’s DARE program. Pictured, from left, are Wheeling Police Department Sgt. Don Miller, Sgt. Gust Kepreos, Tuberculosis Association Director Kim Moses and Sgt. Gregg Harris.

WHEELING – Ohio County Schools and its students are again benefiting from a contribution from the Tuberculosis Association of Ohio County.

For 22 years, the Tuberculosis Association has provided educational material distributed to students throughout the school system who take part in the Wheeling Police Department’s DARE Program.

The association’s goal is to make students aware of the dangers of tobacco. This year, the association contributed approximately $3,750 in materials for the DARE Program in the schools.

Tuberculosis Association Executive Director Kim Moses said her organization’s partnership with Ohio County Schools began in 1997, and it continues to be a success. She said the schools receive anti-smoking visual displays, pamphlets, coloring books and other educational material. Moses said the association’s SmokeFree Program will continue to benefit the DARE Program of Ohio County.

“The association has been able to provide the DARE Program with some interesting educational material for more than two decades,” she said. “Over the years, the association has provided more than $45,000 in assistance to the DARE program. We’re very proud of that.”

Wheeling Police Department Sgt. Donald Miller is the prevention resource officer at Bridge Street Middle School, and is also Ohio County Schools DARE coordinator. Miller said he was excited to again accept the association’s contribution, and he noted that the items serve an important purpose.

“The Tuberculosis Association is the biggest supporter of the Wheeling Police Department’s DARE program,” he said. “Every year, the Tuberculosis Association comes through for our DARE program by providing us with teaching resources which deter smoking and educate Ohio County students about the dangers associated with tobacco use.”

The Tuberculosis Association of Ohio County is a stand-alone, non-profit organization serving the needs of residents of Ohio County for more than 100 years through programs that educate the public and raise awareness of tuberculosis and other lung diseases.


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