Ye Olde Alpha to Stay Put for Now

Holiday events and celebrations already planned at Ye Olde Alpha are not in jeopardy due to the recent sale of the property.

WHEELING – Holiday events and celebrations planned at Ye Olde Alpha won’t be affected by the recent sale of the property where it currently sits, according to the new owner.

Anthony “Herk” Sparachane serves as president of Wheeling Coin LLC, which purchased the property last week. Charles Schlegel remains owner of the popular restaurant, and retains the “Ye Olde Alpha” name.

“I spoke with Charlie, and I told him we would be more than willing to let the restaurant stay there until after the holidays, then we will make a decision about the future,” Sparachane said. “I know they have reservations and events scheduled for there. I don’t foresee anything happening now.”

Sparachane’s family is the owner of Undo’s restaurants in the area, but he said he did not personally buy Ye Olde Alpha — Wheeling Coin did.

Wheeling Coin is an operator of vending and video lottery machines.

Sparachane said the board of directors soon will meet to “discuss a few things” pertaining to future use of the property, and he plans to meet with Schlegel this week.

Schlegel said last week, the popular bar and eatery will continue to do business, “whether it remains at its current location or moves to another.”

The property was sold to Wheeling Coin for $380,000.

Schlegel had co-owned the property with his former business partner in the restaurant, Mark Thomas, under the name Grexican LLC.

Money from the sale will go toward ending the partnership and paying off loans on the building, Schlegel said.


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