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I-C Care in Wheeling Has Christmas Campaign

Three “elves” visit the wife of a World War II veteran at her and her husband’s home in Woodsdale, near Wheeling, Monday as part of the I-C Care Christmas Campaign. Carson Sauvageot, left, and Roman Sauvageot, right, of Rayland, children of the owners of I-C Care, and Dominic Fato, middle, of Wheeling, whose parents own Straub Automotive at the Highlands, help bring Christmas cheer to World War II veterans and families throughout the Ohio Valley and learned some history.

I-C Care, In-Home Companion Care, had the pleasure of traveling to the Ohio Valley last week to surprise Ohio Valley World War II veterans with blankets and Christmas carols, as part of the “I-C Care Christmas Campaign — Warm Wishes for World War II Veterans.”

I-C Care visited private homes, several area nursing homes and assisted living facilities to deliver their message of gratitude and seasons greetings. I-C Care had children along for the journey to have them hand-deliver the blankets to recipients and to sing Christmas carols.

I-C Care kicked off their annual campaign at the end of October and received blankets donated from a number of entities; which include Jarvis Law Office, Capital Health Nursing & Rehabilitation Centers, Country Club Retirement Campus IV, Valley Hospice, Peterson Rehabilitation Hospital & Geriatric Center, Trinity Health System, Remodeling Solutions-Real Estate Services, Sienna Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation, My Genesis HealthCare.

These individuals also donated blankets for the campaign; Lori McGlumphy, David Rose, Jessica Mosti, and numerous anonymous donors. Trinity Health System was also a partner in this event, by collecting some sixty-some blankets to donate to the cause.

Along their travels, I-C Care and their team of children, or “elves” met several veterans who were able to teach them first-hand history lessons. They met the first soldier who stepped foot on Normandy Beach on D-Day, a female veteran, a Bellaire native who has received several medals, and more.


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