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The Wheeling Hospital Perioperative Services Community Outreach Team this year worked with Youth Services System of Ohio County to provide Christmas to eight children and their families. The group was developed as a team building project three years ago and has seen great success. It includes staff from each service area in the perioperative scope. They have provided Easter baskets for YSS and collected over $1,000 for a back-to-school project for a local charity. This Christmas they also “adopted” 35 Wheeling Hospital Continuous Care Center residents and are actively collecting for Project Hope’s inaugural Purse Drive. Preparing to load up the YSS gifts are Justin Nadias of YSS, back left; and front, from left, Perioperative Team members Sherry Orris, Traci Brown, Jackie Witzberger, Michelle Sabinski, Melissa Androsko, Debbie Brinker, Beth Stickney and Kelly Riccardi; and Yohaunce Jones of YSS.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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