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Will’s Hill Flag To Be Raised for Adkins

The American flag at Will’s Hill is scheduled to be raised at noon Jan. 1 for the late Sgt. Charles L. Adkins, aka “Bud,” a native of Bethesda.

Adkins was born May 28, 1947, near Bethesda. He graduated from Barnesville High School in 1965. He was drafted into the Army on Aug. 10, 1966, and did his infantry training at Fort Benning, Ga. Adkins was assigned to Troop B, 1st Squadron, 9th Calvary, and sent to Vietnam on Aug. 7, 1967. On Feb. 2, 1968, his helicopter was shot down near Hue. All on board became MIAs.

He was declared KIA on May 28, 1979, with no evidence. There is a gravestone at Ebenezer Cemetery, Bethesda, without remains.

He was awarded the Air Medal for heroism while participating in aerial flight in the Republic of Vietnam. Adkins distinguished himself by heroism in action on Oct. 14, 1967, while serving as a door gunner of an armed helicopter during a combat support mission in the Que Son Valley, Republic of Vietnam. When an infantry unit became heavily engaged with an enemy force, Adkins exposed himself to the hostile ground fire as leaned out of his aircraft to place effective suppressive fire on the enemy emplacements.

His action inflicted numerous casualties on the hostile force and contributed greatly to the successful completion of the ground element’s mission. Adkins’ display of personal bravery and devotion to duty is in keeping with the highest traditions of the military service, and reflects great credit upon himself, his unit and the United States Army.

He also received the Bronze Star and three Purple Hearts.

About Will’s Hill

Will’s Hill flag raisings are held periodically on a piece of property located high above the village of Bridgeport. The late Will Freund is the veteran for whom the hill is named and who inspired the project.

During the ceremony, a new American flag is raised in honor of a deceased veteran. Every May is reserved for Freund, whose family once owned the land that was used as a dairy farm. Today, the site is owned by Tom Teufel, who was a friend of Freund. The two joined the U.S. Army together. Freund, who was in the 101st Airborne Division, was killed in Vietnam on May 18, 1967. Teufel renamed the hill in honor of his friend when he bought the property.

Freund was the first Bridgeport serviceman to be killed in action during Vietnam. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Freund of Old Cadiz Road, were notified on a Saturday night that their son had been killed in action on the Thursday before; Army officials told the family that his body would be returned to Bridgeport within six to 10 days.

Freund graduated in 1965 from St. John Central, where he was in the band. He joined the Army in 1966 with Teufel.

Those who would like to have a flag raised to honor a late veteran can call the Belmont County Veterans’ Center in Bellaire at 740-325-1042. Officials there will then contact Teufel for arrangements.


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