Ye Olde Alpha Customers Donate $5K to YSS in Ugly Server Contest

Laila, 8, and her mother Catrina Tuckosh, right, pose with Youth Services System Development Director Tammy Kruse after Tuckosh delivered a check to YSS for $5,000 raised in the Ugly Server Contest at Ye Olde Alpha Restaurant. An Alpha server, Tuckosh received the most votes and donations for the fourth year in a row.

WHEELING – For the fourth year straight, Ye Olde Alpha server Catrina Tuckosh garnered the most votes – a.k.a. tips – in the Alpha’s annual Ugly Server Contest that benefits children’s programs at Youth Services System Inc.

This year, customers donated $5,000 to their servers from Dec. 13-24 by leaving an extra tip and voting for the ugliest or tackiest outfit when paying their bill. This donation brings the Ugly Server Contest tally to nearly $45,000 over the years. It will be the last contest of its type as the restaurant closed permanently Tuesday.

Tuckosh has been passionate about this fundraiser since she and former server Jason Yoho approached Alpha owner Charlie Schlegel in 2012 wanting to help those affected by Superstorm Sandy on the East Coast. Instead, Schlegel encouraged them to donate to a local charity, and they chose Youth Services System.

Youth Services System is a nonprofit based in Wheeling that provides an array of services for children and families, including emergency shelters, transitional living, outpatient therapy, home visits, before- and after-school care, substance-abuse prevention programs and more.

“Charlie Schegel truly earned his designation as our 2019 Good Samaritan. If it’s for kids, Charlie is all for it. We appreciate how passionate he is in everything he does, and we once again thank his staff for their hard work and his customers for their generosity,” John Moses, Youth Services CEO, said.

Youth Services System Inc. is committed to responding to the complex needs of youth at serious risk.

For more information, visit www.youthservicessystem.org.


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