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Wheeling Park Selected in ‘WV Ready Partnership’ Competition

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Wheeling Park High School’s Broadcast Technology Program has been selected as one of three winners in the WV Ready Partnership competition aimed at highlighting successful and innovative school/business partnerships that produce WV Ready graduates. The WV Ready Partnership Competition is organized by The Education Alliance and West Virginia Public Broadcasting. As one of the winners, Wheeling Park’s prize package is worth more than $10,000 and includes a professionally-produced, two-to-three minute video highlighting the school’s partnership with Oglebay Institute and the Rural Arts Collaborative (RAC). That video will be broadcast throughout the state on West Virginia Public Broadcasting. Patriot broadcasting technology students will receive professional communications training and consultation to enhance the branding and messaging of the school’s partnership with Oglebay and Statewide recognition of the partnership at the 2020 West Virginia Education Summit. Wheeling Park High School Broadcast Technology teacher Caroline Dillon is shown with Oglebay Institute’s Michael McKowen, who is working with Dillon’s students as part of the WV Ready Partnership.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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