Marshall County Commission Weighing Meeting Options

MOUNDSVILLE – Trying to strike a healthy balance between carrying out the essential functions of governance and keeping social distancing in place, the Marshall County Commission is weighing its options with how to proceed with their meetings.

While Tuesday’s regularly scheduled meeting was canceled, County Administrator Betsy Frohnapfel said the commission will continue to meet at 9 a.m. Tuesday while trying a new means to establish social distancing.

“We’ll still meet in the commission chambers, but we’re removing the chairs,” Frohnapfel said. The chamber normally contains around 10 chairs for the public to occupy, plus a few more for those presenting their business to the commission.

“It’s still open to the public, but only one person at a time, and we’re going to stay within the guidelines of having 10 people, with six feet distance.”

Going forward, Frohnapfel said the tentative plan is to have an overflow room with the commissioners’ microphones hooked up to the sound system, but those plans were not yet finalized.

“We’re kind of looking at an overflow room with audio for our next meeting, but I’m not sure what direction we’re going to go in yet.”

Regarding the possibility of streaming commission meetings online, as some other government entities such as Moundsville City Council have begun, Frohnapfel said the commission was looking into that possibility and exploring their options.

The Marshall County Courthouse is currently closed to the public, with meetings available by appointment or emergencies only.

Frohnapfel said that contacting the commission and being placed on the agenda counts as an appointment for purposes of the commission.

The media is still permitted to attend.


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