New Construction Continues at The Highlands

Workers could be seen last week completing construction on the Menards store at The Highlands.

TRIADELPHIA – Construction work continues to happen on projects at The Highlands, though it does appear the coronavirus crisis may delay the opening of both the Ohio County Sports Complex and the Menards store at the development.

Workers could be seen last week completing the final phases of construction at both sites, which were expected to be completed and opened by the end of April.

But Ohio County Commissioner Randy Wharton, also president of the Ohio County Development Authority, said work on the sports complex already was running behind schedule prior to much of the nation’s business being slowed by coronavirus concerns.

“There is the possibility of events happening there on Memorial Day,” he said. “But there had been some problems with the construction schedule, manpower and things like that. I’m not really sure right now where we are on progress.

“I wouldn’t be surprised to see different parts of it may be opened at different times than others.”

The sports complex will have six indoor basketball courts, among many other amenities. Wharton said workers this week placed the wood floors down for these courts.

“There has never been a day when there was not someone there working,” he said.

Wharton said there also are people inside the Menards project working every day to get the store ready to open. While construction may be ready on time, there could be a delay in getting stock to the store to sell.

“As far as their opening day, I think that’s going to be dictated by the national economy and their ability to get products in,” he said. “As for an opening date, we don’t have any firm date.”

While many businesses at The HIghlands are closed, many restaurants there are open for take-out orders.

“I would encourage everyone to keep safe distances, and utilize this option,” Wharton said. “A lot of businesses there are closed. We just hope for the best for their employees.”


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