Bridgeport BOE Approves Contracts for Stadium Work

BRIDGEPORT – Plans for Bridgeport High School to resume playing varsity football games at Bill Jobko Stadium in Brookside are moving forward.

The Bridgeport Exempted Village School District Board of Education unanimously approved a pair of contracts with SHP Architects and Engineers of Cincinnati during a special meeting Wednesday morning. One contract was for planning and preparation for $10,000. The other was for architecture work on bleachers and a press box, but Ripley didn’t have the amount at hand.

“We interviewed three different companies for the job and they came through for us. We really liked the work they did with us prior to giving us some feedback and getting us to The Kleininger Group, who said, ‘Yes, you can build in a floodplain,'” Superintendent Brent Ripley said. “They were a real resource for us while we were going through a tough time.”

The district has planning meetings scheduled.

“The purpose of these meetings is to see what we would like to have down there. That doesn’t mean we’re going to get everything we ask for because there is a price tag for everything,” Ripley added. “We want to do a thorough job of planning what we would like to have there, then we can look at those things and say this is what we can fit into our budget. But once again, that doesn’t mean we’re going to get everything we planned for, but it does mean that SHP will take our feedback and they will try to plan a facility that fits our budget.”

According to Ripley, the bid was broken down into a percentage of each project.

“Our goal first is to get the bleachers and the press box in first. Those are our initial needs,” he said.

This fall will mark the third season that the Bulldogs haven’t played a home varsity football game on their own field due to flooding concerns. They split home games two years ago between St. Clairsville’s Red Devil Stadium and Martins Ferry’s Dave Bruney Football Complex, but played all their home contests in Martins Ferry last season.

The 100-year-old wooden grandstands in Brookside were razed due to safety concerns.

According to Ripley, his dream is to have games in Brookside once again this fall. He said the stadium improvement committee is looking into what it wants to do with the fieldhouse and concessions.


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