Summer Enrichment Academy Starts in Ohio County

JoJo Shay, innovation coordinator for Ohio County Schools, speaks virtually with teachers preparing for the start of the Summer Enrichment Academy on-line programs for students in pre-kindergarten through grade 5.

WHEELING — Ohio County elementary school students have the chance to improve their math, reading and social skills this summer with a computer and help from a team of online teachers.

The Ohio County Enrichment Academy starts Monday, and lasts six weeks through July 27. The program is open to students in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade students, and about 270 have registered to participate, according to JoJo Shay, innovation coordinator for Ohio County Schools.

The Enrichment Academy has enlisted the help of 13 teachers, and a five-person technical support team, she said.

“It is designed as a way to keep students engaged and combat student learning loss over summer months, Shay said. “We know students typically lose some of what they learn during the school year. And since we were doing emergency remote learning for the last nine weeks of the year, we wanted to keep students engaged.”

Participation is optional, but not required of students in Ohio County Schools.

The program for younger students offers educational exercises in reading and math. Older students participate in a book study program, a math boot camp, and “mindful meetups” where they can socialize with their classmates and exercise their mental and emotional health.

“They are going to learn about how their brain functions, and what to do when things make you anxious and you get nervous about how the world is. We have calming techniques,” Shay said.

“It will just be a chance for the students to get back together. We’ve all been stuck in our houses for quite a while, and people just want to interact with other people,” she added. “We wanted to offer them the opportunity to just catch up on skills, or just stay engaged in the learning process.”

Families wanting to learn more about the program should call the Ohio County Board of Education Office at 304-243-0300.


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