Area Quilt Shop Raising Money for Children’s Hospital

From Past to Present shop owner and helpers hold up cloth masks they have made. The masks are available for a $5 donation at the St. Clairsville shop with 100 percent of the proceeds benefiting Shriners Hospital. Pictured, from left, are Rebecca Raines, Jeana Paglialunga and Joyce Paglialunga.

ST. CLAIRSVILLE – A local quilt shop is helping to raise funds for children’s hospitals through the sale of its cloth facial masks.

From Past to Present quilt shop in St. Clairsville has been using its skills to fashion cloth facial coverings for residents.

Shop owner Joyce Paglialunga said she has made more than 800 masks over the past couple of months, donating some and selling others for a donation of $5. All of the money collected from the sales will be used to fund a program for Shriners Hospital.

Paglialunga said she will continue to make the masks throughout the year.

“As long as people need them, I will make them,” she said.

The cloth masks come in dozens of different patterns, are adjustable and washable, she said.

Paglialunga said she began making the masks for friends and family amid the coronavirus pandemic, then decided to keep making them for everyone and anyone who needed them and donate 100 percent of the money to Shriners.

Paglialunga’s son, John, is a member of the Wheeling Osiris Shriners, an organization that raises money to provide medical care for ill children free of cost.

“There’s three main hospitals that Osiris deals with (in) Erie, Philadelphia and Cincinnati, but we send patients to any hospital that they need to go to be treated. … We pay for the child and their family, the hotel, the flight, everything, to go and be treated until they are 18 (years old) or cured,” John said.

John said that the donations will benefit a Shriners research program for Chiari malformation, a structural skull and cerebellum defect. John’s girlfriend Rebecca Raines was born with the condition, making the cause close to her heart. She had the condition corrected in 2007.

“They (doctors) put a patch over the dura mater and I had a horrible reaction to the patch. It almost killed me. … It would be beneficial to have research on which patch is better to put on to the brain,” Raines said.

The donation will be presented next year at one of the Shriners Hospitals, Paglialunga said.

The masks are available at From Past to Present located on Main Street in St. Clairsville. For more information visit the shop’s Facebook page or call 740-526-9371.


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