St. Clairsville Public Library to Benefit from Improved Internet Service

ST. CLAIRSVILLE – A major renovation project has begun at the St. Clairsville Public Library to provide improved and expanded internet service for the public as workers are currently installing new wiring.

The upgrade is being done with the help of a federal matching grant that is supplying $13,500 of the total cost of more than $26,000, Library Director Doug Walsh said.

“It’s also covering part of our internet cost itself,” Walsh said.

He said the public should notice the improvements when work is complete.

“It will be a four-week project between running cabling, new higher-bandwidth internet cable throughout the library. An older building like this has a lot of concrete and cement to get through,” he said. “Little corners to reach with the cable itself and with the WiFi access points.”

Walsh said this may prove valuable during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

“As far as extending the WiFi outside the library, we’re hoping to put an access point on the front and the back of the library. That has a stronger reach. Hopefully you can be 100 feet away from the library and still get to pick up our WiFi, which will be a good public service anytime the library’s closed,” Walsh said.

“Cosmetically it’ll look a lot better. Our current cabling system was installed probably 15 years ago,” Walsh said. “They’re making it look nice.”

The library has continued to offer material, technical services and education online during its closure in the early days of the pandemic, and has instituted safety and sanitary measures since reopening.


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