Police: Accused Child Molester Flashed Gun at Cops


WHEELING – Police say a man with warrants for child sexual abuse displayed that he had a gun in the process of officers taking him into custody last week.

In June, police were informed by a woman that Zebadiah Adam Groves, 36 of Wheeling, had allegedly sexually assaulted her 3-year-old daughter.

The child told police that “Zeb” had allegedly performed sex acts on her, and had asked the child to take her pants off, which she declined. In another interview later in the month, she told investigators that Groves, described as a friend of her brother’s, had performed other acts to her.

The mother told police that Groves offered to take her kids from their home to the babysitter’s house, which was estimated to be less than a 10-minute drive. Instead, the trip was said to have taken around 45 minutes, during which he allegedly took the children to his home and assaulted her.

The babysitter estimated that Groves had been alone with the children for a minimum of 40 minutes. The girl told police that this abuse occurred while her brother was upstairs playing video games at Groves’ house.

The boy told investigators that Groves lived in squalor, describing his residence as “all messed up” as if it had been set on fire, with “junk all over the floor.” He said Groves attempted to show him things in his house like a remote-controlled car and a dirt bike, according to court documents.

Earlier this month, police executed a search warrant at Groves’ Stone Boulevard residence, where a video game console, dirt bike, RC car, and a bottle of lotion were located in plain view, consistent with the children’s accounts, according to court records. A memory card was also seized, apparently showing security footage of the house, which allegedly contained three photos of Groves entering the residence with the children, police said.

Wheeling police said that Groves was apprehended around 4 p.m. Thursday, when police approached him near 20th Street. Police say Groves “displayed a firearm and began to threaten officers,” which prompted officers to taser him. After a subsequent fight, he was arrested.

Groves is charged with first-degree sexual assault and sexual abuse by a guardian, as well as obstructing an officer, assault on an officer and possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver. He remains lodged at the Northern Regional Jail on $50,000 cash bond.


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