City of Cameron Officials Order Mandatory Water Conservation

CAMERON – The City of Cameron ordered on Thursday a mandatory water conservation alert, citing the dry spell the area has been dealing with this year.

Those in Cameron are asked to not use any water for sprinklers, gardens or to wash cars until further notice. If that request is ignored, verbal warnings, and then citations, can be issued.

Cameron Mayor Greg Galentine said in the city release that the city’s reservoir is “exceptionally low.” Gallentine has taken several steps in prior months to avoid a mandatory conservation alert, including shutting down the city’s water buffalo — a large, transportable water tank — in the beginning of August.

“Just a couple of hours of rain are not going to solve the issue,” the release read, “but all water and rain will help at this time.”

Anyone with questions can call the city offices at 304-686-2366.


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