Demolition on Moundsville Properties Progressing

Photo by Alan Olson – Crews from Reclaim Co. work with hand tools to take the roof of a building on Jefferson Avenue as part of the demolition process.

MOUNDSVILLE – Dilapidated structures around the city are currently in the process of being demolished, and the city has plans to tear down another eight in the coming months.

In November, Moundsville’s city council awarded two contracts to Fairmont-based Reclaim Co. for two sets of demolition projects; one set to claim space for the city’s new municipal building, the other to tear down buildings that were rendered unsafe due to fires. One contract for $60,605 was approved to demolish lots at 515 and 508 Jefferson Avenue, while another for $40,745 was awarded to demolish two properties at 1813 Second Street and 1002-1004 Sixth Street.

City Manager Rick Healy said demo work on the Jefferson Avenue properties was underway, and work on all four was expected to be finished by the end of this week.

“The one across the street (from the city building) is really tight between two buildings, so they’re doing a hand demo over the last few days, using hammers and prybars to tear the roof off,” Healy said Friday. “I looked up this morning and you could see the sky through the roof.”

The Sixth Street demolition work was expected to begin Friday and to be finished by the start of the week.

Looking ahead, Moundsville will be applying for a grant from the state for funding to begin another round of demolition, this time targeting eight properties. Healy was unable to identify which properties are slated for demolition until the

“These are the eight structures throughout the city that we feel are the top priority ones to come down,” Healy said. “… We haven’t done the notifications yet, so the only ones who know about it right now are us, and (Bel-O-Mar Regional Council), who’s writing those grants for us.”

Six of the properties will be demolished with funds provided by a Community Development Block Grant, with the city matching funds to tear down the other two.


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