Ohio County Pre-K Registration Begins on Monday

Enrollment open to Ohio County children for next fall

Photo provided Ritchie Elementary School pre-kindergarten students Penellipi Violet and Emma Schultz participate in a classroom project.

WHEELING — Ohio County children who are age 4 by summer may start their school experience in pre-kindergarten classes next fall.

Registration for the Universal Pre-K program in Ohio County Schools for the 2021-2022 school year kicks off at 8 a.m. on Feb. 1. Parents or guardians can register children by calling 304-243-0333 or online at http://boe.ohio.k12.wv.us.

Students are eligible for pre-kindergarten classes if they are age four or will turn 4-years-old by June 30. Pre-kindergarten classes are not required for students.

The pre-kindergarten program in Ohio County Schools has been in place 20 years, and students attend classes six hours a day four days each week during the school year.

Ohio County Schools Student Services Director Raquel McLeod said the school system’s UPK or Pre-K program is important because it establishes the foundation of a child’s education, and does prepare its students for a lifetime of learning.

“Pre-K prepares young children for the expectations of the classroom,” McLeod said. “It is a child’s first experience in a school setting, and it gives them an early opportunity to interact with peers in a social environment.

“Pre-K is also important for a child’s social and emotional development because it involves early literacy and health and physical development. Academics are a focus, but it also includes other important areas such as self-regulation and social relationships.”

The young student’s social, cognitive, linguistic, emotional, cultural and physical needs are at the center of the Universal Pre-K program in Ohio County, and it strives to provide the quality education all parents want for their children in a joyful environment, according to McLeod.

The program gives students the fundamentals of reading, writing, math, science and social studies, she said.

There are 19 sites available to families who wish to enroll their 4-year-old children. These are located at Bethlehem, Elm Grove, Madison, Middle Creek, Ritchie, Steenrod, Warwood, West Liberty and Woodsdale elementary schools, as well as at Holy Family, King’s Daughters, Noah’s Ark, Ohio Valley Child Learning Center and Orchard Park.

Ohio County Schools also offers supplemental services including speech and language, occupational, and physical therapy to students deemed eligible to receive it.


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