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Fitness Center Coming to The Highlands Sports Complex in Ohio County

A 12,000-square-foot fitness center will be the next amenity coming to The Highlands Sports Complex, and work on the project is about to start.

The center’s most prominent feature will be an outdoor terrace, said Greg Stewart, manager of The Highlands. The terrace will serve as a place for such activities as aerobics and stationary bike classes, he said.

Architect Victor Greco this week updated Ohio County Development Authority members on the project, and said the fitness center is “the last component” in construction of the sports complex, which opened last year.

The two-story fitness will feature such standards as fitness equipment, free weights stationary bikes, as well as many other things, Greco said.

It will include a yoga and movement studio, and an area for “hot yoga” classes will be set up in the space. This area will be heated to 105 degrees to cause sweating, and hot yoga is “popular with the exercise folks,” according to Greco.

There will be saunas, as well as a place for ice cold baths “to freshen your mind,” he said. A couple of rooms for cryogenics in the fitness center also are being discussed.

Turf will be placed on the terraces to accommodate outdoor activities, and the terraces also could serve as a place for social events, he said.

The structure for the fitness center was set in place when the sports complex was constructed, he said.

Ohio County Commissioner Randy Wharton, also president of the OCDA, asked how long it will be before the fitness center project goes out to bid.

Greco said this could happen as soon as within the next few weeks.

Adjustments are being made to the bid requests, and Greco said estimated costs are “still being finalized.”

The project has been projected to cost $3.3 million.


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