Two Charged With Child Neglect in Cameron After 3 Children Removed From Home

Cameron police retrieved three children from a house described as “overwhelmingly” reeking of garbage, mold and cat urine last month, with felony charges for the people charged with their care.

On Jan. 27, Cameron police assisted Marshall County Child Protective Service workers with a welfare check at 53 Crawford Ave. in Cameron, where the inside of the house was said to be visibly cluttered with garbage. After getting no response from knocking on the house’s several doors, police were able to contact Jared Brown, 26, described as the father of the children.

Police say Brown informed them he did not need to let CPS into his house and to quit harassing him and the children’s mother. Brown is said to have continued cursing at the police over the phone until he eventually hung up.

A Marshall County magistrate gave an emergency ratification order, and three Cameron police officers, a sheriff’s deputy, and the CPS workers returned to the house and let themselves in, eventually making contact with Brown and Callie Wealand, 33, the mother. Police say the house was full of so much garbage it was difficult to move, and the “overwhelming” odor of cat urine and garbage filled the house.

In one basement room, Wealand and Brown allegedly were found with an infant child, whose play pen was allegedly inches away from a space heater on high heat. Two other children allegedly were in another room, locked from the outside so they could not escape.

Police say they found several spray bottles for bed bugs in that room. Brown and Wealand allegedly said they do not feed the baby formula, instead opting for oatmeal three times a day.

The room containing the two children allegedly had an “overwhelming” smell of mold and urine, with garbage covering the room. The room had one bed with a mattress on top and below, both completely covered in mold, with no sheets or pillows.

Police noted a camera in the corner of the room for Wealand and Brown to watch the children. Both children were described as wearing pull-ups that were so full of urine that they soaked through.

The children were all removed from the residence without incident and taken to the emergency room. Police reports indicate that a doctor determined that all three were “delayed and malnourished.”

Brown and Wealand were charged with gross child neglect creating risk of death or serious injury. They posted bond from the Northern Regional Jail.following their arrest after Feb. 8.


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