Sand Hill Elementary To Debut Book Vending Machine

Students at Sand Hill Elementary who work toward their goals will be able to get their hands on a tangible reward starting next week.

Inchy’s Bookworm Vending Machine will officially open to students Tuesday, ready and waiting for them to set goals in order to pick from the books inside. School counselor Claire Juszczak said students have set personalized, individual goals for themselves to encourage self-improvement.

Students who accomplish these goals, she said, eventually get a token to redeem for a book from the vending machine, which is theirs to keep. The first selection of books was chosen from popular picks from Scholastic from grade-level-appropriate offerings. The next batch of books, Juszczak said, would be drawn from student feedback of what they would like to see offered as a reward for their efforts.

“I was just in a first-grade classroom, and they have all come up, with their teacher, with individual goals,” Juszczak said. “There’s one student who tends to get up and wander around the classroom, so for him, he’s trying to reduce that, stay in his seat a little bit more. So he has a sticker chart, and every time he is successful in staying in his seat, he adds a sticker, and after so many, he’s able to get a coin.”

When students do succeed and go to redeem the token of their success, Juszczak said the school plans to make each redemption into a small, but celebratory, event, with a bell that students can ring, along with herself and the principal escorting the student to make their selection.

“They can see the machine in our cafeteria/multi-purpose room every single day, so that serves as a reminder that it’s something they can achieve,” she said.

The vending machine was procured through partnerships with Dallas United Methodist Church, Sand Hill United Methodist Church, Sand Hill Elementary School PTO and a grant from the EdVenture Group, Inc.


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