Monroe County Commissioners Voice Support for Second Amendment, But Say ‘Sanctuary’ Label Meaningless

Although Monroe County commissioners fully support the Second Amendment, they said they are unable to declare the county a “Second Amendment sanctuary.”

Instead of signing the petition as requested by a group of “concerned citizens” last month, the Monroe County Board of Commissioners signed a resolution Monday that states the board supports the right to bear arms and encourages the state legislature to establish Ohio as a “Second Amendment sanctuary.”

Commissioner Mick Schumacher said commissioners are unable to declare the county a “Second Amendment sanctuary” because they do not have the authority to legislate.

If they did, the document essentially would be meaningless and have no legal standing, he added.

“There are 33 counties (in the state) that have declared it (Second Amendment sanctuary), but it really doesn’t do anything. We wanted to make sure we had a little bit of a kick in our statement of support,” he said.

The resolution also states the board’s support of proposed House Bill 62, which would declare Ohio a sanctuary state.

Schumacher said the board still wanted to express their support so the resolution was signed.

He said commissioners will continue to preserve, protect and defend the Second Amendment through all lawful means in order to uphold the rights of county residents.

“We’re in support of all the amendments, not just the Second Amendment. We took an oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution of the state of Ohio and the Constitution of the United States of America, and we mean to do it,” he said.


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