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Ohio County Officials Report 90th Death From COVID-19

The Wheeling-Ohio County Health Department reported one new COVID-related death Tuesday night. That marked the 90th such death in the county since the pandemic began.

The department also reported three new positive COVID cases Tuesday. That brought that total to 4,397 cases.

The Marshall County Health Department reported one new confirmed positive COVID case and five new probable cases in its Tuesday update.

The department is sending people to the Department of Health and Human Resources website for its latest totals, which were 2,514 confirmed cases, 932 probable cases and 77 related deaths.

The total of eligible people in West Virginia who have received at least their first COVID-19 vaccination shot has climbed past the 50% mark.

According to the DHHR COVID-19 dashboard, 55.2% of those ages 16 and older in West Virginia have received a first shot. As of now, COVID-19 vaccines are available for those 16 and older, though that will change as soon as the Centers for Disease Control give the greenlight to start vaccinating people as young as 12.

The Food and Drug Administration paved the way for that move Monday.

Of West Virginia’s 1,474,615 residents at least 16 years old, 814,680 have gotten their first shot. Of that group, 681,157, or 46.2% are fully vaccinated.

Of West Virginia’s four Northern Panhandle counties, Brooke and Ohio counties both were green Tuesday on the DHHR COVID-19 alert map, sitting in the safest category.

Hancock County was yellow, the second-safest category, and Marshall County was orange, the second-highest-risk category.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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