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Dillonvale Municipal Building Closes After Portion Collapses

Photo by Carri Graham Bricks and debris lay on the ground outside the back of the Dillonvale City Building. The materials fell off the building Sunday. Village officials will be out of the office until further notice.

DILLONVALE — Issues with the village municipal building continued over the weekend after a number of bricks and debris fell from the building, leading officials to temporarily close its doors.

After years of issues with the building’s roof, a portion of the building near the roof collapsed Sunday. The bricks and other debris from the building, located on School Street, fell into the back alley behind the building. Officials were forced to close the small portion of roadway until crews are able to clean up the debris.

Michele Dulesky, councilwoman and former mayor of the village, said the issues with the building have been ongoing for years and with little funding available for repairs, not much has been done to remedy the issues.

“The rubber roof has been pulling in and pulling some of the bricks around the window in and it finally just let loose and there were a number of bricks that fell,” she said. “We’ve had issues there and we’ve tried to address them.”

The village has been dealing with roof issues for the past few years. In 2019, the village was hoping to obtain a $200,000 grant for a new roof for the building, but was denied due to its location being in a flood plain. Officials previously said the brick walls were separating from the roof and the building was in need of masonry work.

Dulesky said the collapse was due to the years of neglect caused by the village’s lack of access to funding opportunities to make repairs.

“It was just finally at the point where it gave out,” she said.

The collapse was located on the gymnasium side of the building where most of the past issues have been. The village offices were not affected, she said.

Dulesky said they are unsure what they will do from here. The village’s insurance company has been contacted, but she said she is unsure if it will cover the repair costs. The previous estimate for the repairs was over $200,000 and material costs have only increased since then, she said. She said she remains hopeful that some sort of emergency funding will be available so the building can be restored.

On Monday, the village announced that no municipal employees will be available at the building as it will be closed “until further notice.” For the time being, anyone needing to contact village employees can do so through the village’s Facebook page, “Village of Dillonvale.”

Council has also moved its regular monthly meeting from today to 6 p.m. June 15. The meeting will be held outdoors at the Night Rider Park located next to the municipal building.


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