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Marshall County Schools Provide Summer Options

Photo Provided Teacher Erika Cunningham presides as students Josie Novel and Addisyn Hill take part in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) camp this week at Central Elementary School in Moundsville.

MOUNDSVILLE — The school year is over for students in Marshall County Schools, but learning, tutoring and counseling opportunities still are available to them during the summer.

Students at the middle school and elementary school level who struggled with learning during the 2020 school year can get help to get back on track before the new school year starts.

“There are students who have had difficulty in school this year,” said Superintendent Shelby Haines. “We have invited them in for tutoring.

“Some of the sessions are one-on-one with students, and there are some in small groups.”

The tutoring sessions are taking place at each of the elementary and middle schools this summer.

The school district has always offered free after school tutoring to students, but there is more of a need this year to continue the service during the summer, Haines said.

While school was in session, the tutoring groups were smaller because of social distancing mandates, she explained.

“We have more students this summer than ever we’ve had before,” Haines said. “There was a perception students fell behind because of virtual classes.

“Our teachers did a spectacular job, but it is difficult to compete with being in the classroom with kids.”

Elementary school guidance counselors also have students coming in for social groups and activities this summer, and social workers are having therapy with youths that need it, according to Haines.

There is also fun involved as the school district is providing five buses each day to take students to day camp activities at Grand Vue Park.

Some elementary school students also were invited to attend a science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) camp this past week at Center Elementary School in Moundsville.

The “STEM in Motion Program” involved STEM activities that foster ingenuity and creativity. The students use what they have learned from the STEM activities and apply them into physical movements or skills, according to school officials.

Student Josie Novel said, “The STEM in Motion projects are difficult, but once you get everything to work together you feel good about yourself.”

Traditional summer school for students in grades preschool through fifth grade in Marshall County will be happening June 22-July 22. Participating will be Title 1 and special education students.

At the high school level, there are credit recovery classes going on for those with poor grades in a class this year.

These classes are offered at both John Marshall and Cameron high schools so students who need to can make up a class and still graduate on time, according to Haines.

Free summer school classes for credit in physical education and health also are being offered this summer at the high schools.


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