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Wheeling Man Arrested on Multiple Charges

A Wheeling man was arrested Thursday on multiple charges after Wheeling Police investigated a claim of someone being held against her will.

Christopher Lee Wright, 41, was arrested on charges of obstruction and being a prohibited person in possession of firearms. He was taken to Northern Regional Jail, pending a $30,000 cash-only bond.

According to WPD, a South Wheeling resident flagged down officers shortly after 2 a.m. Thursday, telling them a family member was being held against her will at a residence in the 3400 block of Chapline Street. Officers went to the address and attempted to contact those inside, getting no response.

Officers then obtained a search warrant, entered the residence and made sure the alleged victim was OK. While there, officers saw other things that led them to getting another search warrant. During that search, police found multiple firearms and narcotics.

No significant injuries were involved in this incident and the investigation continues with additional charges pending.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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