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Laughlin Memorial Chapel in Wheeling Wraps Up Summer Programs With Open House

Children practice their pickle-making skills with Grow Ohio Valley. Those pickles will be among the refreshments available at Laughlin Memorial Chapel’s open house from 6-8 p.m. tonight. Photo Provided

Laughlin Memorial Chapel will wrap up six weeks of summer programming next week. To celebrate the summer there is an open house scheduled for 6-8 p.m. today at 129½ 18th St. in Wheeling. All are welcome to attend.

The Chapel was a site this summer for Energy Express, an award-winning reading program, designed to help children entering grades 1-4 maintain or improve literacy skills over the summer. The program is made available through the West Virginia University Extension Office and coordinated through the local Extension Office.

“Energy Express is a proven, successful program,” says Karla Wood, Chapel Energy Express site supervisor. “Literacy skills are always an important focus at the Chapel. Children had a difficult school year, so this summer it was important to have the tools necessary to support their reading skills and prepare them for the coming school year — Energy Express provides those important tools in an interactive, fun environment.”

In addition to Energy Express, older kids enjoyed skill-building, hands-on opportunities.

“The Chapel succeeds because we have great community partners,” according to director Martha Wright.

Grow Ohio Valley offered many ways for kids to grow, through gardening, learning about healthy habits, cooking, and fun physical activity. There was collaboration with the House of Hagar to bring the Photo Voice project to the Chapel. The Photo Voice project introduces students to photography and encourages them to make observations and to connect with and consider their community.

All students enjoyed local parks and pools, thanks to the City of Wheeling Parks & Recreation Department, as well as the Wheeling Park Commission.

Refreshments will be available at tonight’s open house, including “pickles for parents” made by Chapel students. There will be displays of student work and an opportunity to meet the mentors and volunteers who have accompanied them through a summer of fun and learning.

For more information, contact Laughlin Chapel at 304-232-2630.


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