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Moundsville Seeking Lifeguards Into Fall, Winter

Photo by Alan Olson The Four Seasons Pool is in need of lifeguards who can be on duty during the school year.

MOUNDSVILLE — With many of the lifeguard staff at the Four Seasons Pool to be returning to school at the end of summer, the city hopes to attract some new talent to watch over swimmers who continue to use the pool year round.

At Tuesday evening’s city council meeting, City Manager Rick Healy digressed during a routine update of personnel hires to explain that applications are still being accepted for clerk and lifeguard positions, as several of the six part-time lifeguards on staff will not be available during the day once school starts again.

“We are mainly concerned with lifeguards; once the kids go back to school, in another month or so. We desperately need lifeguards that are able to work Monday through Friday, daytime hours,” Healy said “That’s going to be crucial for us to be able to keep the pool going. The one person we’ve had as a daytime lifeguard over the last few years has decided not to recertify, so we’re looking for somebody.”

Healy later added that the city had employed daytime, school-year lifeguards for years on end who, for one reason or another, did not return.

“In the past we’ve always had someone who’s older — we had a lady that worked out there, she was in her early 50’s, and she worked full time, and she worked Monday through Friday,” Healy later added. “… We need lifeguards, and adult lifeguards that can work that winter, daytime shift.”

Council discussed the matter of offering benefits for lifeguards at length, including the possibility of covering the $200 certification cost, either initially or for recertification. The city pays lifeguards minimum wage, which is $8.75. In response to a question from council member Ginger DeWitt, Healy said that additional wages would not convince the current lifeguard to recertify, who is not doing so for health reasons.

“We struggle because we need that winter daytime person who is not a kid, and who has to be an adult that is out of school and is willing to work,” he said.

“We talked about different ways — how is it fair to pay that person? Is it fair to pay that person more than our summer lifeguards, because they’re in a more difficult situation for us? Those are things we’ve talked about and have never come up with a good answer.

“This will be the first winter that we’re really hurting for help,” he added. “We really need lifeguards. There could be a point where we start making a decision on higher pay, if we have to, because we need people. We have to operate the pool.”

Fall, winter, and early spring activities at the Four Seasons Pool include swim teams and water aerobics.

Elsewhere at the Four Seasons Pool, large, colorful parts of the splash pad at the rear of the complex have been erected, but work continues on electrical components. The work is to be finished this week in time for the splash pad to be opened by the end of the month.

In other council matters, Healy reported that the city had hit a record high in revenue through the city’s one percent sales tax since being implemented in 2017. The tax brought in $532,696.10, which tops the previous highest, which was just over $499,000, Healy said.

“I thought that was extremely great news to start the new fiscal year,” Healy said.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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