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Plane Makes Emergency Landing At Wheeling-Ohio County Airport

Ohio County commissioners plan to focus on bringing more development and opportunity to the Wheeling-Ohio County Airport in the coming months. Photo by Joselyn King

WHEELING — A private plane experiencing electrical failure was able to make a safe landing in Ohio County Friday.

Ohio County Emergency Management Agency Director Lou Vargo said a woman was flying the private plane home to New Jersey following a business trip to Cincinnati when she experienced electrical failure. The woman notified the regional Cleveland Air Route Traffic Control Center of her issues and location, and she was diverted to the Wheeling-Ohio County Airport, Vargo said.

Officials in Pittsburgh were notified there could be an emergency landing at the airport. Also responding to the scene were the County Sheriff’s Department, the West Virginia State Police, and the West Liberty and Windsor Heights fire departments.

Those on ground were able to tell the plane’s landing gear was only partially deployed, and air traffic controllers communicated with the pilot as she was able to manually open the landing gear.

Once it was fully deployed, the plane was able to land safely, according to Vargo. He said the pilot sustained no injuries other than a bruised arm.

She remained in Wheeling on Friday seeking out a mechanic to repair the plane, he said. If not immediately fixable, she planned to rent a car and drive back to New Jersey.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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