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Benwood Planning New Amphitheatre

Photo by Joselyn King Benwood officials have plans to turn the former miniature golf course at Benwood Park into a community amphitheatre.

BENWOOD — The sounds of music and other outdoor events might soon be heard emanating from the site of the former miniature golf course in Benwood Park.

The city has thoughts of building an amphitheatre there as a place for the community to gather for concerts and performances.

Benwood officials have been looking at some potential designs, according to Public Works Director David McLaughlin.

“My idea is … we’re trying to make it more of a community effort, and the community is going to help build it,” McLaughlin said.

One resident who is an expert in concrete placement is offering assistance, and people in the community may be called upon to help build a pavilion there, he explained. The pavilion would surround a small stage — and look much like the one at Jamboree In The Hills only much smaller, McLaughlin said.

Patrons would have to bring their own seating or sit on the grass.

He said there also might be a small fountain there — but nothing like the large one officials initially wanted to put there. The cost for a large fountain was found to be more expensive than what was warranted for Benwood.

“We hope to have it all open next year before the pool opens (on Memorial Day weekend),” McLaughlin said.

City officials foresee not just concerts and karaoke events, but weddings, dances and movie nights happening at the amphitheatre as well. The activities will be visible to those driving by on nearby W.Va. 2.

Potential costs for the amphitheatre have yet to be determined.

Previously a large duck and other figures sat in the miniature golf area at Benwood Park. Those figures are being stored at the city garage, according to Police Chief Frank Longwell.


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