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Kirke’s Homemade Ice Cream of St. Clairsville Taking Its Treats on the Road

Photo by Robert A. DeFrank Kirke Porterfield, right, and son Blake show off Kirke’s Cow Van, the new ice cream truck taking frosty treats from Kirke’s Homemade Ice Cream of St. Clairsville to customers near and far.

Kirke’s Homemade Ice Cream is taking to the road with Kirke’s Cow Van. The new ice cream truck has a distinctive look as it delivers the St. Clairsville shop’s locally famous treats to sites near and far.

Kirke Porterfield is being joined by son Blake, who moved back to St. Clairsville from Birmingham, Alabama, to help operate the family business.

“We’ll do mainly events for the most part. We’ve done a couple,” Kirke said of the new truck’s destinations.

Blake added they have taken the truck to Heritage Port and Oglebay Park in Wheeling and to fairs, festivals, car shows and other community events. He added that business has been good as COVID-19 lockdowns and mandates end.

“Since everything’s been opening up, we’ve had several requests. I’ve done already six to eight events with the van. We’ve had it for about a month and a half now. I try to get it out and about.

“It’s all organic growth. Now that people in the community know that we have it, the requests will start coming in quite frequently,” Blake said. “We’ve been busy every weekend so far.”

“Wherever we can find that they want ice cream,” Kirke Porterfield added.

They said the distinctive delivery vehicle will make the brand more recognizable.

“I think part of it is more advertising for Kirke’s. The rest of the people can get ice cream, and they won’t have to come to St. Clairsville to get it,” Blake said.

“It brings the taste of St. Clairsville and Kirke’s Ice Cream to other communities,” he continued. “We keep a plethora of flavors in the van to try to replicate what we can offer here in the store. I usually have 15 to 20 flavors at all times. We have 40 flavors here at the store. … We’re a family business. I’m a fifth-generation.”

They said the quality of their ice cream and the number of flavors sets the business apart.

“The fact that it is local Ohio homemade ice cream, we haven’t changed the recipe since we started in 1992,” Blake noted.

They said the ice cream speaks for itself.

“I took it out to Tappan Lake beach. There’s a lot of people out there from Cleveland, Coshocton, Zanesville, Columbus, all over Tappan Lake for their summer holiday and they had never heard of us. I got some really good responses. People enjoyed it. They inquired where we’re located at, how long we’ve been in business. That’s a good way to expand our reach, get people to try our ice cream that’s never experienced Kirke’s Ice Cream.”

Other plans include possibly branching out to a location in Wheeling.

Kirke’s Cow Van is on Facebook.


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