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Weddings Done Small, Done Cheaply And Done Well in Warwood

Photo by Alan Olson Micro Weddings by Mandy Witt offers small, economical wedding services in Warwood.

WHEELING — A wedding doesn’t need to be a massive expense, and a new, locally owned business is hoping to enable a more economical style of marriage while retaining the charm.

Micro Weddings by Mandy Witt opened its doors Sept. 12 in Warwood at the corner of North 17th Street and Warwood Avenue, and before the week was done, co-owner Amanda Witter had already discussed three prospective weddings. Witter operates the business with co-owner Carla Roberts.

Ceremonies are held on-site, with up to 45 guests, and partnered with businesses to provide cake, photography, and other services common to the celebrations.

Witter said she had been a guest at a micro wedding in May, and the concept caught her interest immediately, prompting her to begin looking at opening a similar venue here in Wheeling.

“I went to one of these micro weddings in Virginia, and I liked the concept so much, I thought that if I ever found a place here, I would do it,” Witter said. “Everything is already set up for the wedding, pre-set, pre-decorated. People can make it their own, with changing colors and such, but other than that, it’s all pre-set.”

The benefits of a micro wedding, Witter said, lie in the reduced strain on the couples’ finances, and also that it takes the burden of preparation and stress off the families.

“It saves the finances, and it saves the stress of the day, by not having to put together everything. It’s all put together for you. It’s also micro in the fact that it’s smaller; it’s a small, intimate setting.

“One of the main reasons is that, even if the governor decided to limit crowds again, you don’t have to cancel your wedding if you go with this. We can go up to 45 people,” she added. “All you’d have to do is minimize your guest list in a worst-case scenario.”

The low cost, Witter said, was likely one of the main draws. A wedding ceremony at Micro Weddings by Mandy Witt costs about $600, with all add-ons, such as photography and a dining reservation with Char House on the Boulevard — which carries a special wedding menu — comes to around $2,000 in total, for a maximum guest size.

“You don’t even need to wait a year to get married. You could do a walk-in, basically,” Witter said. “You could call in and say you want your wedding next weekend. “There’s no pre-planning, no required amount of time. … Personally, I think, if you spend less on the wedding, you get to spend more on the honeymoon. Go on a cruise.”

Witter emphasized that Micro Weddings welcomes all couples.

“We marry people for love,” she said. “I don’t want anybody to think we’ll turn anybody away.”

Micro Weddings by Mandy Witt can be found at www.ovmicroweddings.com or at 1617 Warwood Avenue.


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