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Moundsville Events Drawing People to City

Photo provided - Brisk autumn weather was the backdrop for the Pumpkin Paint event, hosted by the Moundsville Arts and Culture Commission.

The city of Moundsville’s Arts and Culture Commission has been holding several events each month, even during the COVID-19 pandemic, which, according to feedback from locals, is making a big difference.

At Tuesday’s city council meeting, council member Sara Wood, who serves as the council’s liaison to the commission, updated the city on two recent events which occurred the previous weekend: Jefferson Friday, and a pumpkin painting event at Riverfront Park on Sunday. Jefferson Fridays are a recurring event featuring music, food trucks and other vendors along Jefferson Avenue, while Pumpkin Paint was a new event, featuring free pumpkins, paint and snacks.

Wood said both events were very well attended, and that the response from the community was overwhelmingly positive, with both bringing in between 250 and 300 people. Wood read a number of positive comments from their Facebook page.

“When we’re thinking about events, we all know they’re nice to provide for our community, but when we receive comments, it’s important to share,” she said.

“(One comment) is from an individual and her boyfriend that had purchased a house in Moundsville a few days ago. ‘I told (the boyfriend) about this, and he said he loves that Moundsville has so many nice events, and that’s why he wanted to move there,’ Wood read. “Hearing that these types of events are encouraging people to move to the community is great to hear.”

“Another one I thought was special: ‘Tonight reinforced my love for small town West Virginia. Closed street, $3 beer, live music, and kids playing freely. This happens nowhere else in America.'”

Council member Judy Hunt agreed, saying that other communities around the Ohio Valley have begun to talk fondly of Moundsville’s regular public events.

“I believe that Arts and Culture has essential value to the community here in Moundsville. These events not only excite the citizens, but the surrounding individuals of other communities,” she said. “I’ve heard nothing but good comments, even outside of Moundsville. They’re seeing what Moundsville is doing. I strongly believe it brings a sense of value to the city.”

Mayor David Wood added that he feels the Arts and Culture Commission is “very active” and “very important” to the city.

Looking forward, Sara Wood added that Christmas on the Avenue will be returning in December, on the corner of Jefferson and Fifth Street. Now in its third year, the free event includes train rides, a horse-drawn carriage, cookie decorating, ornament decorating,and photos with Santa, printed on-site.

“This is a favorite event of ours, and we had to do a drive-through event last year, but it was just as successful,” Wood said. “We’re going to have it in-person this year.”


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