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Paving, Water Projects in the Works in Bellaire

Photo by Shelley Hanson The former West Bellaire School is shown at the entrance of the West Bellaire neighborhood on Friday. Bids for a project to repave Third and Fourth streets there and sewer line work are expected to be opened this month.

Several infrastructure-related projects are either moving forward or being bid out in Bellaire.

Councilman Mike Doyle said an estimated $645,000 project to repave portions of West Bellaire and move sewer lines was put out to bid. Doyle said the paving work will include Third and Fourth avenues that connect to Maple Avenue. Bids are expected to be opened later this month.

Meanwhile, Doyle said the village is seeking new grant money that would be used to repair a street in South Bellaire near the former St. John football field. Residents in that area have complained about the road for years.

The repairs are estimated to cost about $200,000.

Doyle said he plans to pursue getting a road-use maintenance agreement for the street to help protect it from future truck damage.

Also, the village’s biggest upcoming project involves the water treatment plant. After a recent change order there, installation of the new air strippers is now expected to begin in the next 30 days, he said.

“The air stripper project we’ve been working on for three years. We’re finally getting ready to start that very soon,” he said. “I’m proud of that.”

A separate Ohio Public Works grant is being sought to pay for additional water meters, along with a new waterline for West 23rd Street and a new fire hydrant. The first installment of federal American Rescue Plan funding will be used as matching money for this grant.

Doyle said the village also is applying for funding with the Ohio EPA for lead waterline replacements. These are lines that may lead to homes or are main water lines, he noted.

Doyle said he has been working hard to try and take care of residents by pursuing new meters and line replacements. He said the goal is also to have new meters that include a leak detection system to potentially help people save money.

He noted the village also has applied for a state of Ohio design loan for the separation of storm sewers, which is mandated by the Ohio EPA.


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