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Park Improvements On The Horizon For Moundsville

Photo by Alan Olson Matt and Kayla Remke are awarded first prize in Moundsville’s house decorating contest.

MOUNDSVILLE — The city’s Park View Park will be the next to receive improvements thanks to a $60,000 matched grant.

City Manager Rick Healy announced that the city had been awarded the $60,000 grant through the state Land and Water Conservation Fund, which the city would match, to improve the recreation area at the north end of town, near Park Street.

Healy said the money will accomplish several goals at the playground aimed to improve its image and upkeep.

“This much-needed revitalization will give that park new playground equipment, resurface parts, will reconfigure the pickleball courts, add some picnic tables and trash cans,” Healy said. “… This will give a boost to an area that hasn’t had sufficient playground equipment for some time.”

Healy said the city had a long tradition of working with the Land and Water Conservation Fund, which they have done since the 1970s, and that Parks and Recreation Director John White was excited to put the money to good use.

Healy continued that the city would be applying for a similar grant to improve the Riverview Park.

Council unanimously voted to go ahead with that application later in the meeting.

At Riverview Park, Healy said, preliminary plans for that revitalization project included more fencing, new concrete pads for basketball and pickleball, new playground equipment, new fitness and workout stations, and new picnic tables and trash cans. Additionally, upgrades to the kitchen and restroom areas at the nearby shelter.

The total cost of the Riverview Park project is $195,573.

“Continuing on our relationships and the quality of the groups and people that we work with, they see that we’re successful with these things, that they’re available, and they’re willing to extend more for us, because we’re spending the money properly, putting the money in the right places, and we’re doing all the reporting on time. That’s the kind of community that these people want to deal with,” Healy said.

In other matters, in response to a question from councilman Eugene Saunders, Healy said that asbestos abatement at the former Sanford Center should be underway this week. This work must be done before demolition on the blighted building can begin.

Additionally, council recognized three local families for winning the Christmas house decorating contest. First place was won by Matt and Kayla Remke of 1507 Seventh Street; Ed and Carol Littell won second place, residents of 225 Pine Ave., and Kelly and Zach Smith of 1200 Fourth Street took third place.


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