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Brooke County Commissioner Tim Ennis Will Seek Another Term


Brooke County Commissioner Tim Ennis has announced his candidacy for re-election to his commission seat.

Ennis was appointed commissioner in January 2012 to fill the term of commissioner Bernie Kazienko, who passed away. Ennis was then elected to the unexpired term in November 2012 and re-elected in November 2016.

Prior to his service on the county commission, Ennis was a member of the West Virginia House of Delegates for 17 years. He also served on Wellsburg City Council from 1989-93, and was also a former Wellsburg police officer. Ennis retired from Brooke County Schools as a bus driver with 39 years of service.

Ennis understands that strong economic development can only be sustained with a strong infrastructure, and the State of West Virginia has just been awarded billions of dollars for infrastructure improvements for sewer, water, broadband, roads, and bridges.

“I know my way around Charleston and Washington, D.C., and I have dozens of vital contacts on both the federal and state level to assure that Brooke County gets its fair share of those grant dollars,” Ennis said.

When Ennis became a commissioner in 2012, he made four promises to the citizens of Brooke County.

He said he would be a commissioner for all of Brooke County, that he would be a working commissioner, that he would be a faithful steward of the taxpayers’ dollars and that he would continue his involvement to make sure a new bridge would be built in southern Brooke County.

Ennis is a lifelong resident of Brooke County and lives in Wellsburg with his wife Judy and son, Thomas.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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