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City of Wheeling Set To Raze Buildings on Fire Department Headquarters Site

Photo by Eric Ayres Vacant and deteriorating structures along 17th Street in East Wheeling will soon be demolished to make way for the new Wheeling Fire Department headquarters, which is expected to be under construction next year.

City officials are taking action to clear the property on 17th Street where the city’s new fire department headquarters is slated to be built later this year.

Members of Wheeling City Council are scheduled to meet Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. New legislation being introduced includes an ordinance to enter into a contract with Edgco Inc. of Lansing for abatement and demolition of the structures that currently stand at 168-180 17th St. in East Wheeling.

Last year, the city purchased the property from A.E. Pelley Plumbing & Heating for $250,000, acquiring much of the city block. Construction of the new Wheeling Fire Department headquarters is estimated to cost about $6.4 million and is being paid with money generated through the City Service Fee.

The city also plans to use service fee collections to clear the site, where a handful of vacant two-story structures remain. The city’s demolition contract with Edgo Inc. is for $51,500.

In addition to the new construction projects for Wheeling’s new fire department and police department headquarters, the service fee generates funds for infrastructure projects throughout the city. One of the prioritized uses for infrastructure improvements has been slip repairs, and a second and final reading is scheduled to take place for an ordinance to spend $22,450 with Cast & Baker Corp. of Canonsburg, Pa., on Glenwood Road and at a driveway on 63 Springdale Ave. The majority of the cost is to be covered by the City Service Fee funds, while $3,000 is being used from Water Pollution Control Division funds.

“Because of Wheeling’s topography, roadway slips are not uncommon,” Vice Mayor Chad Thalman said. “The city is continually working on slip repairs and improving our roads. Such repairs, like what was on today’s city council agenda, are made possible by the City Service Fee.”

Also on the council agenda is a new ordinance authorizing an agreement in the amount of $9,200 with Alpha & Associates to provide architectural and engineering designs for sidewalk replacement along National Road on Wheeling Hill. Council will hear a first reading on this ordinance, which also is set to use City Service Fee money.

New legislation amending and reenacting the city’s vacant structure code and designating the city’s depositories for calendar year 2022 are also up for first readings.

Notices of applications to operate a private club are also slated to be heard for Dangerous Curves at 2102 Main St. and the Scottish Rite at 83-14th St.

Prior to tonight’s regular council meeting at the City-County Building on Chapline Street, members of the Finance Committee of Council are scheduled to meet at 5:15 p.m. to review the city’s December financial statements.


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