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Donna Vance Will Run for Ohio County Circuit Clerk


Donna Vance believes customer service is the key to running an effective office — be it private or a government office.

Vance, currently a legal secretary in the Ohio County Prosecutor’s Office, has filed as a Republican for the office of circuit clerk in 2022.

She also is co-owner of Vance Printing in Elm Grove, along with her husband Cary Vance.

“I’ve always had an interest in the circuit clerk’s office. I worked there for nine years, and I always liked the job,” Vance said. “It needs a leader, and I think I could do a good job at it.

“There are a lot of people behind me wanting me to run. These are people who have worked there in the past and want to see change.”

She said she would want to create a more welcoming environment for the Circuit Clerk’s Office.

“The clerk does a good job on filings,” Vance said. “But I would want to be able to help everybody — the staff, attorneys, judges, other offices that deal with the office. I want it to be a place where people can get what they need with friendly, professional service.”

Vance is a graduate of Wheeling Park High School, and has an associate degree in applied science from West Virginia Northern Community College. She worked for 12 years at Quality Quick Printing, rising to the position of office manager.

She moved on to Tri-State Petroleum, where she initially was employed for two years. She took a break for two years, then returned there for another two years.

Along the way she obtained her certification in health information management, and later had the opportunity to go to work at Wheeling Hospital and the Bishop Hodges Continuous Care Center. She stayed there four years before moving on to the nine-year stint in the Ohio County Clerk’s Office.

Vance has worked in the Ohio County Prosecutor’s Office for eight years, and continues to do the bookkeeping and payroll duties at Vance Printing.

“I like the people I deal with on a daily basis. I like helping people,” she said of her work in the prosecutor’s office. “I like my job. Everybody gets along. I serve as office manager and handle problems that arise.”

Vance said she is good with computer programs, and learns them easily.

“I’m always the go-to person in the office,” she said.

Vance describes herself as a “good person,” and somebody “who gets along with everybody.”

“I’m good with people, and that makes a difference in the office and in the way it is run,” she explained.


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