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New Benwood City Garage About To Open

BENWOOD — Benwood is about to open its new city garage, leaving the former facility open for leasing opportunities.

City workers are expected to move into the new building “in a couple of weeks,” according to Police Chief Frank Longwell. It is located in the southern end of Benwood’s industrial park near McMechen.

“It’s about 90% done,” he said. “They are inside doing the painting, fixtures and furniture. It’s almost completed.”

As for the old garage, Longwell said, “we’re going to lease out the whole thing.” The garage is located in North Benwood near the UPS Customer Center at 32 Marshall St.

“I’m sure once we are out of there, we will be advertising it,” he said.

“If it’s a bigger business — a good B&O (business and occupation tax) provider – we would remove the building and build something for them.”

Longwell said some interested parties had looked at the property, but an agreement for leasing “didn’t work out.”

A distributor that deals in Little Debbie snack cakes already leases space in the building.

“I am confident we can lease the old building,” he said.

“We already have a bakery distributor in there, but we may have to lease to several tenants.”

Money from leasing the former garage will be used to help pay for the new facility, Longwell explained. The new garage building mostly is being paid for through $550,000 in COVID recovery funds allocated to Benwood, he added.

The garage is expected to have a final cost of $537,000. In addition, the city purchased 11 acres for the project from the Regional Economic Development (RED) partnership at a cost of $350,000 from its general fund budget, Longwell said.


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