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Ohio County Circuit Clerk Brenda Miller To Seek Fifth Term


WHEELING — Ohio County Circuit Clerk Brenda L. Miller announced that she will seek re-election in 2022.

Miller was elected circuit clerk in the 1998 election and took office Jan. 1, 1999. Her entire career has been in public service.

Brenda has been appointed to numerous committees during her tenure as circuit clerk. Some appointments were from the previous secretary of state and governor, Joe Manchin, to the State Elections Committee and the Legislative Committee. She has also been appointed by the West Virginia Supreme Court to committees as the Circuit Clerk Liaison Committee representing the nine Northern Panhandle counties; the Regional Fatality Review Board representing one of the three regions of the state for over 15 years; and the Access to Justice Committee being one of the only two circuit clerks in the state on this committee.

Miller was elected president of the West Virginia Association of Counties, which represents all 444 county elected officials in the state, including circuit clerks, county clerks, assessors, prosecutors, sheriffs and county commissioners, for the 2015-2016 year. Prior to being elected president, she served as the vice president for circuit clerks on the board of directors, member of the Executive Operations Committee, member of the Member Associations Relations Committee, the Annual Meeting Committee and the Legislative Committee. She has also been active in the Circuit Clerk’s Association and its legislative committee.

Since taking office, she has attended training offered by the West Virginia Supreme Court, State Auditor’s Office and the Circuit Clerk’s Association. She attended additional training at West Virginia University and the West Virginia Association of Counties Local Government Leadership Academy and obtained three certificates: Certificate of Excellence, Certificate of Distinction and Certificate of Highest Merit.

During Miller’s tenure as circuit clerk, Ohio County has embraced the computer age. Ohio County has transitioned into the Supreme Court’s State Jury System and the updated system just two years ago. Training for six circuit Clerk’s offices was held in Ohio County.

Within the last six months, Miller has added a Jury Calling Program that will call-text-email jurors if their trials are going to be or have been canceled, in advance of the night-before-trial calling the jury line.

“Jurors are always connected to technology, so why not use that to make jury duty a much more convenient process?” she said.

In October, 2021, Ohio County implemented the new electronic filing of cases. With e-filing comes the use of credit and debit cards for case filings, service of process, restitution and anything else that requires payment in the office for convenience.

Miller has also had a very comprehensive website at circuitclerk.ohiocountywv.org.

Miller is also very active in the community and believes we all should give back to our community. She is the current president of the Fraternal Order of Police Associates; she taught Girls State annually for the last 20-plus years, teaching county government and running for political office.

Miller has been a Wheeling Lions Club member since 2000; she was the chairperson for WVU Children’s Hospital Gala for the Northern Panhandle for 13 years and now a board member the last five years; and also past president of the Sisters of Mount St. Joseph and board member for many years.

Miller was awarded the Outstanding Court Clerk award from the West Virginia Trial Lawyers Association and has been named an Honorary Citizen of Rhododendron Girls State for her 20-plus years of service. She was also awarded two Leonard Jarrett Awards from Wheeling Lions Club, one in 2006 and the other in 2019, for her many years of work at the Dan Dague Memorial Car Show.

Miller would like to see the political party designation status eliminated for the circuit clerks of the state, as the same was done for the circuit and family court judges and magistrates. She does not believe a political party designation should determine how an individual does her job or how anyone is treated that comes into the office to use its services.

“How people are assisted in a government office should always be fair and balanced, regardless of political party,” she said. “Changes in the procedures of government offices are always being made, and I want to continue to see them through in the Ohio County Circuit Clerk’s Office.”


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