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Ohio County To Hire Animal Shelter Manager This Week

WHEELING — Ohio County will soon have both a new manager for the County Animal Shelter and new animal control officer.

The new manager for the Ohio County Animal Shelter is expected to be hired by the end of this week, according to County Administrator Randy Russell.

He explained once that person takes on the job, he or she will participate in the hiring of a new animal control officer. Russell expects the selection of the animal control officer then to happen within the next two weeks.

Ohio County has been without a full-time animal shelter manager/animal control officer since Doug McCroskey retired in November.

Ohio County Commission President Randy Wharton supports the idea of breaking up the jobs of animal control officer and animal shelter manager and hiring people for each position.

“The dog warden is there to answer calls and respond to things like dogs running loose or biting people, or when law enforcement calls for animal control,” Wharton said.

The dog warden does spend a lot of time on the road taking care of calls, he explained.

“Then we need another person to be in charge of the shelter — to take care of personnel matters, the animals and maintaining the building,” Wharton said.

“It’s best they be there and not on the road

“For a long time, there has only been one person and that person has had to spend a lot of time with animal control issues,” he continued.

“But it is important the shelter be maintained. There are people there to do that, but it is important to have a manager make sure there is regular maintenance on the shelter, and to make sure it’s a nice, clean place for animals to be.”


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